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03/02/2022 News

ELF returns to Argentine car race tracks sponsoring Mariano Werner

La icónica marca francesa anuncia su regreso al Turismo Carretera acompañando al bicampeón de la categoría, Mariano Werner.

To continue celebrating its 35 years in Argentina, the lubricant brand will sponsorthe competition team of the Turismo Carretera two-time champion


The iconic French Brand announces its return to Turismo Carretera sponsoring two-time champion Mariano Werner.

With a vast history in the world of car racing, ELF is well known for the technology and constant evolution of all its product line which is tested in the major race tracks worldwide, obtaining uncountable wins.

“We are back in the most popular car racing competition in Argentina and we could not have done it otherwise than with the two-time champion. The ELF logo has always been linked to the number 1 and we wanted the same in Argentina”, said Dolores Serrano, Marketing and Communication Director of the company in Argentina. Mariano Werner has been the category’s champion for the last two years (2020 and 2021).

“It is my pleasure and a great challenge to be sponsored by such a prestigious brand at world and car racing level such as ELF. The brand’s return to car racing is big news and their decision to do it with us is a privilege,” ensured Mariano Werner.

“After winning for the second time in a row, we are training for more, bettering things which, even winning, must be corrected. In this regard, to have ELF’s support means a lot for the group and takes it to a new level,” stated Werner.

Among Turismo Carretera drivers who have excelled with ELF’s sponsorship is Juan María Traverso, one of the top idols of Argentine car racing, who started and concluded his career in this category, and Guillermo Ortelli, the 7-time champion.

With ELF, the legend continues.