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Fuel Economy: Better energy at a lower cost

At TotalEnergies​, we are committed to providing a better energy and to promoting a more efficient and sustainable consumption. In this regard, TotalEnergies Marketing Argentina’s innovative range of Fuel Economy lubricants yields higher mileage per litre of fuel, ensuring a better protection and lower attrition while reducing the environmental impact.

Better performance, less consumption

Fuel Economy lubricants reduce friction in all the components of the powertrain and minimize energy loss. This contributes to fuel economy as compared to standard oil with the same performance level. These benefits apply to engines and transmissions, both in light and heavy vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.).

Commited to a better energy

In Argentina, TotalEnergies​' range of Fuel Economy lubricants is available in lube centers, large retail stores and associated dealer networks and is especially targeted to clients who value a more efficient consumption and performance in their vehicles.

Our commitment in the country is to give priority to future technological developments of this range by supporting sustainable growth, decreasing fuel consumption and, as a result, the emission of greenhouse gases. In fact, thanks to the use of this type of lubricants about 150,000 tons of CO2 are saved each year, which is equal to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 2,000 hectares of forests.

Responsibility and innovation have encouraged us to prioritize the use of components that are less sensitive to degradation so that Fuel Economy lubricants enable fuel savings during the lubricant change interval.

Our Fuel Economy range goes hand in hand with our global strategy and reinforces our commitment to producing a better, safer, more efficient, more affordable and more sustainable energy. 

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