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25/03/2021 News

Total increases three times its grease manufacturing capacity in Argentina

As a result of a significant investment, Total grease plant in La Tablada now has the capacity to supply high quality grease to international and domestic customers of the South American Hub.

In December 2018, Total Especialidades Argentina announced a significant equipment investment in its grease plant located in La Tablada to increase its domestic grease manufacturing capacity. The plant is now operating and the first greases are being marketed at local and regional level. Total goal is to become a manufacturing Hub for South America and to expand its commercial operations in the region.

The project seeks to manufacture greases that establish a service and quality benchmark, through the implementation of new state-of-the-art equipment and optimized production processes at a higher temperature, and including three tanks for the different processes and chemical reactions involved in grease manufacturing.

The grease manufacturing process is divided into three stages: cooking (soap is produced in the Cooker tank at 200°C), cooling (first in the Cooler, the second tank, following the specific cooling curve of  the soap structure, and later in the Frimakoruma stone mill). Finally, the product passes to the third tank - the Dopper – where additives and color are added, and then the last milling takes place to obtain the finishing texture of the grease.

In this connection, Engineer Gonzalo Muruve, Total Product and Technical Service Manager said that: “With the commissioning of this new grease plant, Total Especialidades Argentina paves the way to become a grease supplier to other Total affiliates at regional level. In addition, the improvement of processes together with the greater efficiency and manufacturing capacity of the new plant will strengthen our role as one of the major players in the Argentine grease market, best adapted to market needs”.

At first, conventional and complex Lithium greases will be manufactured at the plant, but other types of special greases can also be manufactured using new thickening technologies.

About Total Especialidades Argentina

Total is present in the Argentine lubricants’ market through its brands TOTAL and ELF and offers a wide array of products designed to meet the needs of car, motorcycle, agriculture and industry segments.