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Our commitment to environment

As a major player in the energy industry, we are aware of the environmental risks involved in developing activities in different ecosystems. This poses a double challenge: working responsibly to satisfy the country’s increasing energy demand while devoting and concentrating our efforts on protecting the environment.

For these reasons, continuous improvement of our environmental performance is an essential part of our business strategy. Thus, TotalEnergies​ in Argentina affirms its commitment to better energy on a daily basis by working towards an efficient, reliable, and responsible energy future.

Commitment translated into actions

The TotalEnergies company has been actively working on improving energy efficiency of its facilities and reducing routine flaring since 2010. These action lines are also prevalent in the daily activities performed by TotalEnergies in Argentina.  

  • Energy efficiency improvement

Improving energy efficiency is a top priority to Total Austral when it comes to exploring and producing oil and gas. To achieve this, it is necessary to reduce energy consumption by optimizing our production processes and searching for innovative alternatives to produce more using less energy.

By deploying an Energy Management System (EMS), we seek to improve our processes and facilities to make them more energy efficient. Within this frame, we have conducted surveys of the facilities, equipment and processes that significantly affect energy consumption in order to establish a baseline to measure changes in energy performance. In addition to this, we are making progress in defining energy performance follow-up and measurement indicators.  

According to a global review conducted by TotalEnergies​ Head Office, Río Cullen, Cañadón Alfa, Aguada Pichana and San Roque operating sites should be given priority when deploying this type of management systems.

  • Reducing routine flaring

In 2014, the TotalEnergies company joined the World Bank initiative to eliminate routine flaring of associated gas by 2030, thus reinforcing its commitment to environment protection.

Furthermore, TotalEnergies​ has fully eliminated this practice in its new projects since 2000, which enabled us to reduce associated gas flaring by over 50% from 2005 and 2015, cutting down significantly the level of greenhouse gases emitted by our facilities.

The use of sand separators, the reduction of well test duration, and the maximization of equipment operating time are among the main actions implemented by Total Austral in this regard.

Our environmental responsibility

The more we know about the environment, the better we can forestall any potential risks and implement the proper preventive measures.

At Total Austral, before starting a project, we conduct an environmental impact assessment whereby we define the baseline situation and identify in detail the potential impacts of our future operations, while establishing a set of measures to mitigate such impacts, either during the execution of projects or the reclamation of sites when projects are finished.  

Preparation of this environmental impact assessment involves entering into an open dialogue with the different stakeholders, including local authorities and communities. Thanks to the scientific approach to our operations, we are able to understand and prevent potential environmental risks, while adhering to the highest standards and integrating the best practices in the oil and gas industry.

Actions and certifications

Managing our environmental impact, improving our energy efficiency and reducing our emissions are key objectives for Total Austral. Therefore, we have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) that provides the framework for achieving continuous improvement in our environmental performance. This system consists of a handbook and seven general procedures, which include the requirements to be ISO 14001 certified. This international standard monitors, audits and helps to improve companies’ environmental management.
This way, our EMS allows us to establish annual objectives, considering the legal requirements and environmental aspects and impacts related to our activities in order to achieve certification to this standard in every site we operate.

To this date, all Total Austral sites are ISO 14001 certified:

Aguada Pichana
San Roque
Rincon la Ceniza

Rio Cullen and offshore operations (Hidra Norte, Hidra Centro, Carina, Aries and Vega Pleyade platforms)
Cañadon Alfa
Rio Grande


As for Total Especialidades Argentina, the certifications are:

  • Environmental Management system: ISO 14001:2015 (certification obtained for lubricants production).
  • Quality management system: ISO 9001:2016 (certification obtained for lubricants production, sales and technical support) and IATF 16949 (certification obtained for First fill automotive lubricants production, sales and technical support).

Current and future commitment

Environmental protection is our main concern in order to develop a sustainable activity in the long term. In this sense, although specific objectives may vary from year to year, our ultimate goal remains the same: respect the environment and minimize the environmental impact of our activities. 

We also believe in promoting an environmental culture shared by all the individuals that form part of Total Austral. For this reason, every day, we devote all our efforts to implementing actions that would enable us to consolidate as a pioneer company in environmental respect.

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