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eLearning AUSTRAL,

an online training platform

The commitment to a better energy starts with our people

In line with our commitment to continue favoring the professional development of our people, in 2004 Total Austral implemented eLearning AUSTRAL, an online training platform which seeks to develop and strengthen the skills of our people and also of those working with us. This tool is the result of hard work in training and valuation of our know-how and good practices: that great capital which helps us continue improving each day to contribute to development of an efficient and sustainable future of energy.

More and Better Training Modules

eLearning Austral is a multimedia training platform developed by a Total Austral's multidisciplinary team, aimed at sharing the knowledge of the company's experts and thus favoring the learning in fields that are key for the company's business. 

All modules were developed in-house based on the expert's contributions. There are online courses on the basic concepts of the gas and oil industry, professional ethics and human rights, security; training on production processes and training on contract management.

It can be easily programmed to give a prompt response to internal training needs, resulting in more flexible, complete and interesting courses. Thus, the platform includes induction for new employees and a more thorough knowledge of the industry's specific items and the acquisition of competences for a new position. Also, the platform offers different tools which enable to evaluate and measure the acquirement of knowledges in each course. 

Shortening Distances, Adding Value

We are convinced that the commitment to better energy starts with our people. An application like eLearning AUSTRAL provides great added value in this regard as it allows us to capitalize on, and share, the knowledge of our own experts, adapting it to our specific needs.

Thus, eLearning AUSTRAL generates one more space for cooperation. The difficulty resulting from the distance existing between our employees working in Buenos Aires and those in the fields, in the provinces of Neuquén and Tierra del Fuego, is overcome thanks to the possibility that all of them meet in a virtual class where they can share knowledge, good practices, or common everyday problems, thus optimizing training and learning through a permanently available platform, with more knowledge at everybody’s reach.

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