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The offshore reserves in Vega Pléyade

This project, which started production in February 2016, seeks to add value to the offshore gas and condensate reserves of Vega Pléyade through the construction and installation of a platform and an underwater pipeline to carry production to two treatment plants located onshore Tierra del Fuego.

The Vega Pléyade development, which demanded two and a half years and an investment of over US$1 billion.

The southernmost project in the world

Vega Pléyade is an offshore project located 20 km south of San Sebastian Bay, Tierra del Fuego. This offshore gas and condensate field –jointly operated by Total Austral, Wintershall Energía and Panamerican Sur- is developed through a platform located in an area with a water depth of 50 meters and connected via a 77 kilometer long, 24” diameter, underwater pipeline to the onshore treatment facilities in Rio Cullen and Cañadón Alfa.

A multi-stage project

The platform was built in Cadiz, Spain. The assembly of the main structures -the jacket and the deck- took 14 months. In March 2015, these structures were shipped on a semisub to Tierra del Fuego, in a voyage that lasted 20 days.   

Concurrently, pipes were built and cased in different countries: India, Italy, France and Argentina. Once in Tierra del Fuego, the pipes were assembled and welded on an assembly vessel to form a 77 km pipeline. This pipeline connects the platform with the Total Austral gas treatment plant located onshore Tierra del Fuego.

At the end of August 2015, the jacket -the submerged part of the platform- was successfully fixed to the seabed through pillars in each of the jacket's four legs. In October, once the jacket was fixed, the upper part of the platform -the deck- was set up.

The field started up after the development well drilling stage in February 2016.

A technically complex offshore project

This project posed many challenges. Firstly, it was a technically complex operation which demanded the participation of a multidisciplinary team located in different places around the world: Argentina, France, Italy, Singapore, Spain, the US, South Korea, Japan, India and Chile.

Secondly, the Vega Pleyade oilfield is located in an area lacking offshore infrastructure, where it was necessary to move heavy logistics equipment. Finally, weather conditions were mostly adverse.

Committed to long term energy

Vega Pleyade evidences our commitment to providing a solution to Argentina's increasing demand of energy and to contributing to sustainable gas supply in the country.

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