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State of the art phytosanitary products

We are committed with the technical development required to meet farmers’ need to increase crop yields by using more effective products to control pests and diseases. Working together with national and international top-renowned research agencies, we have developed state-of-the-art technology to create leading phytosanitary products, reducing the risk of phytotoxicity in crops.

Ensuring Efficiency in Production

Our phytosanitary products ELF PURESPRAY, ELF PURESPRAY FOLIAR ELF PURESPRAY GREEN and AGRITELF are feature by enhanced quality as a result of the evolution based on long term tests in different geographies, and the development of an exclusive formula that uses a food-and pharmaceutical-grade mineral base. Endorsed by the most prestigious entities  and supported by the major farmers that choose us,

TotalEnergies​ is a synonym for quality, reliability and purity. Besides, our phitosanitary oils allow for a better production, and are fully safe.     

At TotalEnergies Marketing Argentina, an affiliate of the TotalEnergies company in Argentina, we have fair knowledge of farmers’ work and challenges. For this reason, we are committed to developing the best products to control pests and diseases that affect fruit, vegetable, extensive, and ornamental crops.

Our long sustained effort in search of superior quality has allowed us to develop a product range that ensures effectiveness and cost savings while respecting and protecting the environment.

TotalEnergies​ phytosanitary products do not contain sulfur or aromatic compounds; therefore, they are not toxic to the crops, they do not leave any residues that are harmful to humans, animals and the soil and, also, they are biodegradable. Physical action prevents the typical resistance to other chemical products. 

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