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Transportation and distribution

To satisfy its customers’ expectations, TotalEnergies splits into two differentiated business lines: TotalEnergies Gas Cono Sur, which supplies natural gas to its customers, and TotalEnergies Marketing Argentina, which operates in the lubricant market under the brands TotalEnergies and ELF.

TotalEnergies Gas Cono Sur

Through this business unit, we market and ship Total Austral’s natural gas production, ensuring supply to our customers and enhancing the value of TotalEnergies’s production in Argentina. We also market gas produced by third parties, who benefit from our comprehensive range of activities, supplementing and optimizing the Company’s activities.

We are a dynamic, flexible and innovative team, with a vast knowledge of the energy market, its players and regulatory aspects. We are leaders in Argentina with a customer-centric approach. We are engaged not only in the sale of wellhead gas but also of city gate or multi basin gas. 

We rely on three core principles: foresight, innovation and reliability. This is the reason why we are constantly working to ensure a 24x7 safe gas supply to our customers. Thanks to these efforts, our products are recognized as the most reliable top quality products in the whole market. 

In Argentina, we supply gas to every market segment: households, stores, CNG stations, power plants and large, medium or small industries. Additionally, we play an important role in the Southern Cone power integration, being one of the major gas exporters to Chile. 

At present we market over 12 Mm3 of gas per day from all basins under production, accounting for 10% of the total gas in the domestic market. In terms of exports, our market share is 15% of the aggregate authorized exports. Our wide customer portfolio includes all Natural Gas Distributors, Electric Power Generators and the major industries located throughout Argentina.


TotalEnergies Marketing Argentina

Our wide range of lubes was designed to meet the needs of light and heavy vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery and other industries.

We have a lube blending and grease plant at La Tablada, with an output capacity of 50,000 tons per year, where we manufacture over 300 products which are marketed through a network of more than 50 distributors and authorized auto repair shops. The plant, which is ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2016 and IATF 16949 certified, has an onsite analysis laboratory. 

It is essential that oils are always ahead of technological changes, adjust to international specifications and comply with industry requirements. For such reason, we generated major partnerships with international car manufacturers such as Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Chery, CF Motos and Royal Enfield.

At TotalEnergies Marketing Argentina we are committed to supplying a better energy and to using it in the most efficient and sustainable way. In such regard, our innovative range of lubes Fuel Economy provides for more kilometers for fuel liter, ensuring a better protection and less attrition, while reducing at the same time the environmental impact. 

We also offer a wide range of goods and services to satisfy all lubrication needs in the industry, fluids for hydraulic circuits, compressor lubes, greases, gear lubes, soluble or whole cutting oils, etc. 

Our range of products is in line with our global strategy and reinforces our commitment to producing a better energy that is safer, more efficient, affordable and sustainable.