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Expertos en Seguridad: Promoviendo la concientización sobre temáticas de seguridad vial

Our ambition is to become the responsible energy major. For this reason, our social commitment is at the core of our corporate responsibility with a view to creating value together with the communities close to our operations, our customers, suppliers and employees. 

In this framework, road safety is one of our work pillars taking into account the more than 17 million kilometers we travel every year to carry out our operations and transport materials in Argentina. In addition, from TotalEnergies we seek to promote the concept of a safer mobility, training and raising awareness in youths under 25 and encouraging competent authorities to implement improvements in road safety policies. 

Experience of the Expertos en Seguridad program at schools

Expertos en Seguridad is an educational program on road safety intended to transmit and strengthen safe behavior habits, generate knowledge on circulation rules and create a prevention attitude to reduce traffic accidents, especially those involving children, in line with goal 3.6 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Over 1500 students participated in this program during 2018 and 2019 at 8 schools in Tierra del Fuego (Río Grande) and at six in Neuquén (Aguada San Roque, Añelo and Neuquén City). 

On the other hand, workshops were held at schools, which included team games that helped children think about road safety in a playful and didactic way. 

Furthermore, under the agreement entered into with the Ministry of Education of Neuquén each school received the road safety cube with teaching material to continue working in the classroom. These educational resources are available to teachers in the province as a support tool when dealing with road safety education topics. 

Expertos en seguridad was declared of interest by the Ministry of Education of the province of Neuquén.

Expertos en Seguridad, now fully digital

In 2020, during the third program edition, the COVID-19 health emergency scenario faced us with the challenge to continue online due to the suspension of in-person classes.  

To adjust to this new context, we decided to develop digital material, which was distributed in 29 primary schools of Neuquén city, reaching 3,600 childs. These new developments, available free of charge, include a video dealing with relevant concepts on the importance of road safety in a funny and enjoyable way, so as to raise awareness on kids. In addition, we offer two very funny videogames so that they may play and at the same time apply the newly acquired knowledge. 

Please download the digital materials as a tool to support your priceless educational work in the promotion of a safer mobility in children.